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Hawks make 'Blurred Lines' code of conduct video

The Atlanta Hawks decided to have some fun with a video reminding fans to behave themselves at games. How much fun it is for everyone else depends on your Autotune tolerance.

Like any other NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks would like to create an environment of family-friendly fun at home games. Unlike other NBA teams, someone in the Hawks front office had access to Autotune, and worked with local DJ (and voice of the Hawks) Ryan Cameron to produce a video reminding fans of all the things they shouldn't do at Hawks games that also will remind them of the video for Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."

Because I love a robustly Autotuned spoof of a ubiquitous pop property it is my job to do things like this, I've watched the video several times now. It's brief and good-natured and even kind of well done and also and more importantly as potent a type of high-octane wince-fuel as I've encountered in some time. My current list of most astonishing moments from the video, at the moment, is:

1) Cameron's deep-voiced, "And don't throw objects. No throwing objects." The rest of the list is fluid, but this one's spot at the top is probably secure.

2) When Cameron sings "I take you to a Hawwwwks game" and it sounds like Midnite Vultures-era Beck.

3) (Tie) The moment of realization that this is really going to be a fan code of conduct video both recorded and shot to resemble a song about Doing It by Alan Thicke's cocky kid.

3) (Tie) Every single time "Atlanta Hawks" is sung through a wash of Autotune so thick that it sounds like a freaking GPS.

4) The horrifying "Blurred Lines" video callback that is your reward for reaching the end of the video, which I will allow you to discover and regret for yourself.

5) Pretty much everything else, from the video's conception to its ultimate execution. It is all astonishing.