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Bears fan tases wife to settle bet on win over Packers

Don't do that.

The Bears beat the Packers on Monday. It was a most unlikely event. So unlikely, in fact, that a Packers fan in Wisconsin told her Bears fan husband before the game that he could shock her with a stun gun in the event of an upset. Aaron Rodgers went down, the Bears won, and the husband actually followed through:

A 12:39 a.m. a Mayville Police officer responded to Dan’s King Pin, 31 N. Main St., to speak to a woman who reported that her husband had used a stun gun on her three times while at Sidelines Tap, 111 S. Main St.

The wife said that while the two were smoking cigarettes outside of Sidelines, Grant had used the stun gun twice on her butt and once on her thigh. Grant said that the two had made a bet on the game as she is a Packers fan and he a Bears fan that if the Packers lost, she would be shocked with the stun gun.

THRICE. And he may go to jail for that, because use of an electric weapon is a crime, even, it seems, if consensual. You don't HAVE to follow through on bets, everyone.