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Steve Mariucci rides on a motorcycle with a Viking

One NFL Network analyst really got in the spirit of Thursday night's game!

Thursday Night Football. It's the magical time of the week where a 3-5 team travels to meet a 1-7 team in a nationally televised football game that leaves its viewers wondering, "Where did the last three hours go?"

When the NFL Network began its coverage of Thursday's game between the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings, there was a noticeable absence from the announcers table, Steve Mariucci. He prepared a special treat for us.


This is live folks! The graphic even tells you so. Don't believe for a second this is some sort of pre-recorded Viking motorcycle ride, that's bush league.

Make direct eye contact with Mooch, we dare you.


So began his ride across the country, just a former coach and viking enjoying the open road.