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Minnesota breaks Governor's Victory Bell trophy after beating Penn State

a) Why do Minnesota and Penn State play for a trophy? b) Why is it so structurally poor?

College football rivalry trophies are cool, especially in the tradition-heavy Big Ten. However, some of them are kind of silly.

Silliest are the trophies Penn State plays for, invented when they entered the conference. One of these is the Land-Grant Trophy, with Michigan State,which is just a hunk of things cobbled together. One of them is the Governor's Victory Bell, which they play for with Minnesota. This trophy shouldn't exist because Minnesota and Penn State are, like, 800 miles apart from each other, and now it barely exists because the two teams are in different divisions.

They played for the first time since 2010 today, and MInnesota won. They were so thrilled, they broke the damn trophy:


When you only play for a trophy once every 17 years or so, you don't realize how structurally unsound the trophy is.

And now Minnesota is 8-2! Not quite sure when and how that happened.