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Cordarrelle Patterson shares high-five with a referee

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The referee didn't want to celebrate, but he eventually gave in.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Vikings wideout Cordarrelle Patterson scored a touchdown out of the backfield Sunday against the Bears, which was cause for celebration for the rookie. However, the person he chose to celebrate with was the referee, who, um, wasn't feeling it at first, before eventually relenting and giving the rookie a reluctant high-five:


via Guyism

We support the concept of refs celebrating with players, and will go to war to prevent this guy from being punished for his giggly skin-giving. Although it would've been especially baller if he'd gone like "high-five? NAH, SON, THIS CALLS FOR A REAL CELEBRATION" and then chest-bumped Patterson and spiked the ball and then flagged Patterson for excessive celebration.