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Rice freaks out about the Liberty Bowl

The bowl system seems silly until you see college athletes getting HYPE about the idea of going to Memphis.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, the college football bowl system seems meaningless. Thirty-five games, in increasingly uninteresting cities in increasingly empty stadiums with increasingly ridiculous sounding corporate sponsors, featuring virtually every team that managed to pull off the incredibly easy task of winning six football games.

To summarize: who could possibly care about the Autozone Liberty Bowl, a game in Memphis which should be the fourth-most interesting game to be played on Dec. 31?

Well, as this locker room video taken after Saturday's Conference USA title game will show you: the Rice Owls care about the Liberty Bowl, and they care about it very much:

Our crew of analysts picked Mississippi State, the No. 8 team from the SEC, in a clean sweep over the Conference USA champions. But based on this video and this video alone, I'm pulling for the Owls. Because there's just no way they were as excited in Starkville about their bowl destination.

Maybe they're just really excited about their Kevin Durant backpack.