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Dwight Howard used to eat over a pound of sugar a day

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Ronald Martinez

Part 1 of Ken Berger's Nutrition in the NBA series, on the Lakers' burgeoning focus on healthy diets, is fascinating and well worth a thorough read. That stuff matters. There are some amazing facts in there -- chief among them the revelation that Chris Kaman willfully eats kale -- but one thing concerning former Laker Dwight Howard really stands out:

With Howard, the intervention began where it does with most athletes (and non-athletes, for that matter) who need to change their diets. It began with sugar. It turned out that Howard was consuming the equivalent of 24 Hershey bars a day in the form of candy and soda -- not to mention the additional sugar his body was making out of all the empty starches he was eating.

Now, Howard is a human being whose size and physical workload far exceed anything you or I could imagine. It's also well-known that Howard loves candy, and equally well-known that massive people with insane workout regimens can eat a lot more than the average person without exploding. But yo, using Berger's comparison: a Hershey bar contains 24 grams of sugar. The equivalent of 24 of those is 576 grams of sugar. That's 1.3 pounds. Of sugar. In a day. THAT'S SO MUCH SUGAR. THAT'S LIKE A SCARFACE MOUNTAIN OF COCAINE, EXCEPT SUGAR IN THE FORM OF CANDY AND SODA.

Glad you're eating more healthfully now, Dwight. Jeez.