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Russell Wilson can't stop getting drafted by pro sports teams

With the whatever pick in the MLB Rule 5 draft, the Texas Rangers select Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks.


Russell Wilson is in the midst of an MVP-worthy season. He's got the Seattle Seahawks sitting on top of the NFC and ready to make a Super Bowl run. But the little guy's accomplishments don't stop there.

The Texas Rangers selected Wilson in Major League Baseball's Rule 5 draft on Thursday morning.

Incredible news. Wilson probably got the call this morning.

From the Russell Wilson Rule 5 draft watch party:


Congratulations for baseball, Russell. You report to the Round Rock Rounders in 90 days.

A couple of rather interesting people are excited about Wilson's ensuing hardball career: Primetime, of course, won a Super Bowl and World Series, so he speaks from experience. York is the CEO of the 49ers, and just wants Wilson to stop playing his damn team in football.