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Things more 1992 than Todd Hollandsworth's shirt

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Let's take a look at a very old, very ugly shirt. Because it's the Internet.

This old baseball card just came to our attention and is well worth a second look. Please behold the glory of Todd Hollandsworth's 1992 shirt:

We are now left to wonder ... what is more 1992 than this shirt? Please note: this shirt is tucked into belted acid-wash jeans. Some suggestions for things more 1992 than this shirt:

- Color Me Badd
- The Bodyguard
Charlotte Hornets shorts purchased from a K-Mart
- Steven Segal
- Slow-dancing in a middle school gymnasium to Boyz II Men
- Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper
- Playing Drug Wars on your TI-81 in class
- A Tia Carrere poster
- Hypercolor clothing
- Pumping up your basketball shoes before taking out the garbage
- Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot promotional fanny-pack

Can you out-1992 this shirt? Post your submission in the comments below.