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Mike London's one-word letter shows recruiting is really, really easy

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The next time a college football coach complains about all the time he spends on recruiting, simply show him this Virginia coach's letter.

The Virginia Cavaliers have commitments from two five-star 2014 prospects. Mike London's staff is clearly talented at recruiting. Their secret? Play it cool.

Update: The tweet's been deleted, but here's the original picture:


That's three-star Cavaliers commit Jeffery Farrar feeling the chillwaves wash over him.

Alternately, this is a terrifying thing to receive in the mail from a former undercover police detective. Mike London is a former undercover police detective. Either way, come play for UVa.

In terms of the best recruiting-letter oddities to be turned up by social media, how does this rank alongside Mississippi State's "Swag-O-Meter"? Mississippi State's "Can of Swag"? Mississippi State's "You're a Baller"? N.C. State's "You = Baller"This mountain of correspondenceRutgers' muscle man?

Previously, we tried to quantify just how much a "You're a Baller" letter is worth.

ht Streaking the Lawn