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J.R. Smith followed a bad shooting night with a perfect tweeting night

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The slump does not extend to social media.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

J.R. Smith has had an awful start to this Knicks season. Victimized by knee soreness and his own horrid decision-making, Smith is putting up career-low shooting percentages and just not doing anything to lift the Knicks out of their losing start. Quite the opposite. Wednesday night was particularly special. The Knicks beat the league-worst Bucks in double overtime despite-- among other things-- Smith shooting 7-23 and hitting just five of a Knicks record 17 three-point attempts. It doesn't get colder than that. But J.R.'s a professional tweeter as much as he is a professional basketball player, and he dominated the post-game Twitter session:

(The Knicks started saying "#KnicksTape" last season, and it became the standard post-win exclamation, like a much lamer "Roll Tide". Of course, the Knicks won 54 games last year, none of them in double overtime against the league's worst team.)

(Knicks fans also said damn.)

(Uh oh, he's heating up.)

(HE'S ON FIRE!!!!!) (*Shot. Or, wait ... *shits?)