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Are these Oregon's Oregon-iest uniforms yet?

The Ducks will debut this getup in the Alamo Bowl because of course they will.


Sure, Oregon has worn pink helmets, HydroChrome™ helmets, and every shade of highlighter. But come on. Look at the new uniforms for the Alamo Bowl.


So are these Oregon's Oregon-iest uniforms yet? I say perhaps! Our CFB editor @JasonKirkSBN says "among" the Oregon-iest, settling on "refined." Our Features Producer @ChrisMottram calls them subdued by Oregon standards.

Spencer Hall, man of letters that he is, aptly dubbed these "the Eagleducks and the Steelerducks." He probably wins.


But you don't have to take our word on these #HotFashionTakes. Jump in the comments!

(Source: Nike | via @heidiburgett)