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Video: Royal Purple's Las Vegas Bowl commercial is the definitive bowl game ad

This commercial is so great that we are airing it for Royal Purple for free. You are welcome, Royal Purple.

The college football bowl game commercial is a specific artform. Unlike ads made specifically for the Super Bowl, which call for companies to go way over the top and far too high-concept (or, alternately, to have a dozen beerdogs bite each other in the nuts for beer), each bowl game features commercials by the game's title sponsor. They are always horrific.

Typically, each involves the company's CEO uttering things about football being a real touchdown of a sport, just like the company that CEO works for, which is like buying a touchdown you can own. It's a blueprint that works. For what it works, I do not know. Making CEOs slightly famous among college football nerds.

But THIS. THIS by Royal Purple, the Las Vegas Bowl's new sponsor, has set a new standard for bowl commercials. The teleprompter-reading. The deliveries. The drowsiness. The background. THE BACKGROUND. All of it is peak bowl game.

Not even trying to make fun. Royal Purple spent a lot of money on this. It aired on ABC right before USC played Fresno State, in a game with a trophy and everything. Royal Purple spent a lot of money on this. These things are all amazing.

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