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Dwyane Wade made his Heat teammates Masters champions for Christmas


Dwyane Wade's a generous sort, and since his Heat teammates already have NBA championships, he gave them Masters championships for Christmas. GREEN JACKETS FOR ALL (well, not all. Only last year's championship friends. Sorry, Mike Beasley, Greg Oden, and Roger Mason Jr.)!

That wasn't the whole gift, though. The photo above comes from Wade's Instagram post, which included the following list of hashtags (the gift that keeps on giving):

#Lovemyteam (That's nice!)

#MastersGolf (Sound hashtagging.)

#wedowhatwewant (Okay, no one suggested you do otherwise.)

#grownmenish (Okay, if you say so. The guy who bought all his friends matching jackets doth protest too much, methinks.)

And LeBron James posted an Instagram of the same photo with all of these:

#TheHeatles (Stop trying to make "Heatles" happen.)

#ChannelingOurInnerMastersAtGolf (#MastersGolf was much more succinct.)

#RoleWithTheWinners (*Roll)

#IsThisWhyTheyHateUs (Do you mean the jackets or the hashtags? Either way ... maybe?)

#HaveFunWithWhatYouDo (Okay, I will.)


(via Rick Muscles)