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Uh, is this Jaguars fan naked?

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Camera angle trick? Or DUVAAAAAAAL?

Our dear Jacksonville friend Alfie Crow brought this to our attention:

At the very least, there are shirtless, be-jortsed old men at the Titans-Jaguars game. But that dude on the right sure does look naked. Our crack investigative team zoned in on what appears to be a sliver of fabric:


So, it's probably just the camera angle. But hey, maybe it's just a napkin on his lap? (Wearing nothing but a napkin is called a "Jacksonville tuxedo.") I don't think we can confirm beyond any doubt that this man is not naked, and Florida residents are presumed naked until proven otherwise.

WE MUST GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE JACKSONVILLE NAKED MAN MYSTERY. To the bottom of the mystery, that is. Not the man.