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Brett Favre is bored, drawing pictures of pirates

Dude has some time on his hands and more artistic skill than we thought.

Brett Favre has decided he is never going to lace 'em up again and give it one more go. However, he may very well have a little bit more magic in his arm: in his quest to promote some app he's getting paid to promote, he's making his bowl picks, and to show that he's excessively bored with his current life as a high school football coach, he's doing it by making drawings:

When he says "BEAT BRETT" he's asking us to make bowl picks against him. However, we'd prefer to imagine that he's asking us to make a better drawing of a pirate than him.

Here's mine:


Here is Seth Rosenthal's:


The old gunslinger turned out to be right: ECU rolled. Although we think our pirate was better.

Favre's previous attempt at making picks was done via crossword puzzle, although we'd like to point out that the crossword puzzle is totally busted: