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Michigan State punter and 'Faux Pelini' parody account have epic Twitter conversation

What happens when a punter and a fake coach account lock horns? Internet magic, that's what.


If you don't know who Mike Sadler, you're probably not a Big Ten diehard; Sadler's one of the best punters in the Big Ten, representing the Rose Bowl-bound Michigan State Spartans. He's a three-time Academic All-American to boot.

If you don't know who @FauxPelini is, you're probably not on Twitter; @FauxPelini is one of the most popular parody accounts in all of college football, reducing Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini (it rhymes, you see) to an irritable, foul-mouthed, slightly daft growler. Which, uh... kinda spot-on.

At any rate, though the spheres of fake Twitter things and real athletes rarely collide in any meaningful way, one such happy intersection happened on Monday as the two had a conversation that—and forgive us if this seems like some sort of exaggeration—makes Twitter and yea, all life truly worth it.

So that all made a ton of sense. Bravo, gents. Bravo.

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