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Athletes apparently like Christmas too

Did you know that athletes enjoy holidays too? Thanks to social media, we know!

Christmas: It's not just for people who aren't good at sports!

The person most in the spirit was Trevor Romaine, Oregon State's kicker, who got to ding the ball through the uprights a few times while the Beavers beat up on Boise State:

LeBron James' family, of course, was dunking:

Dwight Howard bought his entire team very nice watches, apparently.

Les Miles' Christmas was apparently as confusing as anybody else's Christmas:

Marco Belinelli made himself a really weird video of his head on an elf:


Chris Webber in the holiday spirit:

Cam Newton bought his teammates presents and signed them. Which is either really nice because it's increasing their value by giving them Cam Newton's autograph, or is really douchey because HE AUTOGRAPHED THOSE PRESENTS. Maybe he just wanted to tell them who it was from, but hasn't written his name in non-script in like, 10 years? Anyway, probably fodder for people who think he's SELFISH

Ugly Christmas Sweaters is a thing.

The NFL crew:

Jpeg-2_medium Chris Bosh is always slightly out of things:

And Jonathan Papelbon is far too enthusiastic.:

Shaq sang Feliz Navidad:

We're gonna try and keep rounding stuff up through the day, so let us know if you see anything.