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LeBron James' golf swing could use some work

Keep your front foot down, King James!

Basketball players become famous playing a sport for which their enormous bodies are perfectly crafted, make millions of dollars, and then generally tend to use a portion of that money trying to master a sport which their bodies are horrible for: golf.

Notably, Charles Barkley:

Thanks to a Christmas day ad featuring LeBron James and Kevin Hart for some product we don't really care to know, the NBA's current top player is trying his hand at golf, and it isn't going particularly well: Legolf_medium Keep your front foot down, LBJ!

We're not sure if this is actually how LeBron golfs, or whether this is just so they could make an ad where Kevin Hart gives comically difficult golf tips, but what we do know is that THERE HAVE ALREADY BEEN FAR TOO MANY COMMERCIALS WITH KEVIN HART AND NBA PLAYERS ON OUR TELEVISIONS TODAY. (There have been two commercials with Kevin Hart and NBA players on our television today, but one would have been too many.)