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Kevin Garnett cusses out ref, kid tries to earmuff younger brother

Merry Christmas, KG.

It's well known that Kevin Garnett is one of the most foul-mouthed NBA players when on the court -- whether via actual, legit four-lettering, or via saying horrible things to people.

When Garnett took a moment to give a ref an earful during the Nets' pitiful 95-78 loss to the Bulls Christmas afternoon, one little kid sitting in the first row wanted to shield his even younger little brother from Garnett's language: (Shout-out to Nets blogThe Brooklyn Game for spotting this live) Garnettpottymouth

Best part: the "MERRY CHRISTMAS" banner at the bottom right of the screen.


Basketball players, of course, are allowed to say bad words -- bloggers do too, sometimes -- and those lucky enough to sit in the first row of basketball games should not come equipped with fragile sensibilities. But there's nothing more "BROOKLYN NETS GETTING BLOWN OUT ON CHRISTMAS DAY" than Garnett cursing so loudly an innocent little kid needs to have his ears shielded.

As pointed out by trynewideas in the comments, the kid is famous already for his Christmas hijinks: