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Jon Kitna will donate Week 17 check to his high school

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The Cowboys will pay Jon Kitna $53,000 to back up Kyle Orton on Sunday. He'll donate the money to the school where he's been teaching math since he retired from the NFL.

Bob Levey

Hey, this is cool. Jon Kitna is about to make a bunch of money to be a Dallas Cowboy for one week, but he's not keeping any of it. From the Dallas Morning News:

It didn’t come up in his Christmas Day media scrum in the locker room. But later, while relaxing on a locker room couch and reconnecting with radio play-by-play voice Brad Sham, Kitna said he would be donating his NFL check to his school. He also told several teammates.

Since retiring from the Cowboys, Kitna, who has 15 seasons and four teams on his NFL résumé, has taught math and coached football at Lincoln High School in his native Tacoma, Wash.

The football team — the Abes — finished its season last month at 8-2. That was up from 5-5 during Kitna’s first season. Kitna’s son, Jordan, a sophomore, was his starting quarterback.

There's a lot to like about this story.
(1) Charity!
(2) Jon Kitna is a high school math teacher? Sure!
(3) He coaches a football team called the Abes. Lincoln High School. The ABES!
(4) But yeah, mostly the charity. Good job, Jon Kitna. You seem alright.

(via @bhorn55)