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Parents give Bears fan little girl Packers jersey for Christmas, crying ensues

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Let's be jerks to our kids! We'll get internet popular!

We'd like to commend Deadspin for being on top of the PARENTS BUYING THEIR CHILDREN THE WRONG JERSEY FOR CHRISTMAS AND FILMING IT FOR THE INTERNET beat. First, they had Adorable Portuguese Girl, who began pouting immediately upon seeing a Porto jersey before her parents pulled the switcheroo and gave her a Benfica jersey, leading to a happy ending.

This did not have a happy ending:

Indeed, a few days before a critical matchup between the Bears and the Packers, these parents got their little girl a Packers jersey instead of a Bears jersey. Dad tries to play it off like a shipping error, but it seems he and mom were actually in on the prank. Little girl does not take kindly to it at all -- nailing the camera with the jersey, kicking it, and running over crying to mom.

Thing I don't understand: WHY ARE WE DOING THIS TO OUR CHILDREN?!?1?! Why are we spending money on things that will make them sad? Because the internet might like it? Unfortunately, we don't like it -- we kinda think these people are mean.

Anyway, we hope little girl got the Bears jersey she wants.