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Jesse Palmer saved Chris Fowler's life with a Heimlich maneuver, says Fowler

We apparently nearly lost the man whose anchoring has cured a million hangovers, but Jesse Palmer was there to save the day.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Fowler might do the best job of any sports television person out there. ESPN throws him on camera with thousands of screaming idiots -- some of whom are on set with him -- and he keeps everything running, makes jokes sometimes and makes College GameDay excellent. (He also does tennis, which is the most different thing from college football, so that's impressive.)

Suffice it to say, we are glad he did not die today at the Pinstripe Bowl:

Athletes, learn the Heimlich maneuver. You never know when you might become a TV personality and save your fellow TV personality's life.

UPDATE: We now have Palmer's side of the story, from Front Row, ESPN's surprisingly fun site where they talk about ESPN:

“I was watching Chris chew his food, and his eyes began to get big,” said the former Florida Gator, Palmer, who had never performed the Heimlich before. “He tried to swallow some water to clear his throat, then he had a look of panic on his face.”