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Buffalo Wild Wings chooses UFC over its own bowl game

If you want to watch the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl at Buffalo Wild Wings, you might have a hard time doing so.

Christian Petersen

Michigan and Kansas State are capping off the final Saturday of college football in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, and you'd think any local Buffalo Wild Wings would be proudly airing the game the company sponsors. Not so much.

The Buffalo Wild Wings bowl happens to share the same time slot as UFC 168, and the company appears to be prioritizing televising the fights instead of its own bowl. Seriously:

Could this be accurate? Our team of sports Internets-men took to investigating this, calling multiple Buffalo Wild Wings in our areas. The response: yes, we are airing the game, but the UFC fight has audio preference.

No audio, but at least you can watch the game on the television that's far away in the corner:

And yes, this is happening all over the place:

Yep. Even though this is a huge MMA event that BWW will make money from, it's pretty funny timing.