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Jacksonville Jaguar LaRoy Reynolds loses helmet, still makes tackle

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Dedication. Duval.

If there's one thing I've learned from Jacksonville Jaguars fans on the internet, it's that Jacksonville Jaguars fans on the internet get dumped on a lot, but they keep on fighting. Mainly by tweeting DUUUUUUUVAAAAAAAALLLLLL and #DTWD.

That spirit -- fighting on, even in the face of countless reasons to stop doing whatever unnecessary task you're doing -- is perfectly embodied by LaRoy Reynolds, whose helmet came off on a punt return, but still tracked down Griff Whelan to assist on a tackle:


In a meaningless game in which the 4-11 Jaguars are getting pasted, dude risked life and limb to make a hit. I think this is actually a penalty in college -- you just gotta take yourself out of the play.But in the NFL it's legal, and we're lucky we did not see this hit his head on something because concussions are so very very very very very scary.