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Lance Moore channels Hingle McCringleberry's thrusting TD celebration

He thrusted three times, but the ref didn't throw the flag. (Update! Ref did throw the flag.)

Lance Moore was first in the end zone in Saints-Bucs, catching a 44-yarder from Drew Brees. This is how he celebrated:


It's not an original celebration: it comes from the Key and Peele skit where Hingle McCringleberry (the Penn State grad, formerly of East-West Bowl fame) scores several touchdowns and gets penalized for thrusting too much:

Kenny Stills plays the part of the ref closely inspecting Moore's pelvis to count the number of thrusts (three, of course, draws a flag for excessive celebration in the hypothetical league McCringleberry plays in, although its not clear whether Moore drew a flag for the amount of thrusts or because it was a group celebration.)

Jordan Peele -- the ref, not the player, in the skit -- took note of Moore's dancin':