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Auburn fans scout Rose Bowl for trees to roll

Those palm trees are roll-proof.

Robert Laberge

The Auburn faithful have arrived in Pasadena to settle in for their BCS National Championship Game against Florida State. Like any good fans, they're envisioning what the scene will be like if they win. Unlike most fans, their celebration is bound to involve toilet paper. Unfortunately, the Rose Bowl does not have its own Toomer's Corner, and the giant palm trees outside it are now explicitly off-limits:

Two things:

1. Auburn fans were undid by their own politeness. Act first, apologize later.

2. Those trees don't look particularly rollable anyway. The low and numerous toilet paper-embracing branches of those oak trees (may they rest in peace) back home are nowhere to be found on the bare, towering trunks of the California palms. They're roll-proof. There's a reason it's called the Rose Bowl and not the Boughs Roll, guys.