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Roy Halladay went as ex-teammate Jamie Moyer for an '80s party

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Because Jamie Moyer played in the '80s ... and also played in 2012.

Roy Halladay enjoyed his retirement by going to an '80s costume party. Most people go to '80s parties in the typical '80s gear -- tight neon clothes, hairbands, etc. -- so what better to represent the 1980s than a guy you played with in 2010?

Moyer, of course, played in the majors from 1986 until 2012, when he pitched his last ball for the Rockies at the age of 49. Unbeknownst to us, Halladay was on the tail end of his career when the two played together in 2010, but he had been just 9 when Moyer made his debut for the Cubs in 1986. This picture was tweeted by Jamie's wife -- that's her making the heart gesture, right? -- so we're guessing Doc had Jamie's blessing.

H/T to MLB Fan Cave for finding this, and also finding Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins' costumes: