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Nick Saban says he has "sex appeal" for Ohio State, Michigan State on College GameDay

Nick Saban understands that there is a thing called "sex appeal" but does not understand what it means.

Nick Saban is not a man with whom we associate the concept of sex appeal. In fact, we don't associate any human sentiments -- joy, sadness, the ability to love, etc. with him.

Since he is not busy today due to various football happenings, he was a guest on College GameDay today, and, indeed, he said the words "sex appeal." In fact, he said that he "has a little sex appeal" for both Ohio State and Michigan State, which does not mean ANYTHING in the generally accepted understanding of what "sex appeal" is. This either proves once and for all that Saban is, in fact, a robot failing to grasp our human concepts, or he has some really weird thing going on we don't want to think about with regards to two schools where he used to coach.

In other news, the Internet was horrified: