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SEC Championship ref the only man who can tackle Auburn's Tre Mason

Tre Mason broke the record for rushing yardage in a SEC Championship game with almost a full half remaining. Finally, someone's taking a stand.


Auburn and Missouri have combined to tear up the SEC title game record books. Most of that scoring is by Auburn -- 45 of the 80, to be exact.

Tre Mason has been the biggest contributor to that total, along with Auburn's monstrous, merciless offensive line. He has 275 yards as of this writing, and I emphasize "as of this writing," because he'll probably have one billion by the time you read this.

So thank you for your defiance, Mr. Official. Someone had to stand up for the SEC against the incursion of Big 12 offenses. Oh, wait -- Mizzou's the one from the Big 12? Well, in that case, you've got your work cut out for you, Mr. Official.

Also, Missouri just scored, so disregard that thing about 80 points.