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Mark Dantonio shouts out Rich Homie Quan after winning Big Ten Championship

The real reason MSU is headed to Pasadena? Rich Homie Quan.

So, we knew that after Michigan State beat Michigan, Mark Dantonio -- who has never been happy on camera in his entire life -- got down to the Rich Homie Quan song "Type of Way" in the Michigan State locker room. We knew that, and had watched the video dozens, perhaps trillions of times.

However, we thought Dantonio was just sucked into the moment, a coach amongst some rambunctious young adults throwing his body in strange directions because he thought they'd appreciate it.

We were wrong. Dantonio is a bona fide Rich Homie Quan fan, and let the world know it after Michigan State knocked off Ohio State to win the Big Ten Championship and go to the Rose Bowl.

H/T to @cjzero for the video.


And now, the song has been introduced to the non-rap loving, college football-watching populace:

Mark Dantonio has long been the realest human being on the planet, but now he's done hiding the secret.