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Urban Meyer eating pizza sadly in a tunnel

Ohio State thought they were going to the National Championship Game. At least they get pizza.

Hey, buddy. Tough break losing your national title berth and your undefeated season on Saturday night. How's ... how are things goin'? How ya doin'? Hangin' in there?

Aw, buddy. You ... It ... it'll be okay.

*timid, awkward shoulder-pat*

Is this the saddest thing we've ever seen? A short list of things that are sadder:

That one episode of Futurama
- A pair of chidren's shoes in the rain
- A poor street urchin finally saving up enough money to buy an ice cream cone, only to have it knocked out of its hands by Boss Tweed on his way to an orphanage-closing
- Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson starring in Wedding Crashers 2 when they're both pushing 60
- The Toronto Raptors

Post your saddest thing in the comments below, either real or imagined.

Note: a week later, WE HAVE A GIF: