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Eagles run back blocked PAT, don't realize that it doesn't count

Playing football in snow is hard, but not as hard as understanding NFL rules.

For the first 45-odd minutes of Eagles-Lions, nobody attempted a kick, because THE DAMN FIELD WAS COVERED IN 42,000 FEET OF SNOW. No field goals, no PAT's, no anything. Just punts and two-point conversions.

But after scoring -- on a kickoff return TD -- to make the game 20-14, Jim Schwartz decided to have the Lions set up for a point-after attempt.

It did not end well. After clearing a spot where David Akers could kick...



The kick was blocked, and then just STUCK because there's 42,000 feet of snow. Bradley Fletcher tried to return the kick, except, you know, that doesn't count. It does in college, but not in the pros -- Ed Hochuli literally began his explanation with "In the NFL..." -- but Fletcher and Co. were unaware, thrilled to reach paydirt, and wildly celebrating about something that was worth no points.

That said, this is significantly better than not realizing a game could end in a tie.

The Eagles would pick up a two-point conversion on their next touchdown, so maybe kicking was a really, really bad idea.