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Greg Hardy is Kraken from Hogwarts

Greg Hardy is a Carolina Panther and a wizard.

Somehow, we're not yet tired of NFL players misusing the opportunity NBC gives them to say their name and their university. The most famous is SIZZLE FROM BALL SO HARD UNIVERSITY, but Greg Hardy tried to enter the canon tonight.

He is Kraken, and he went to Hogwarts, best known as the alma mater of Harry Potter. Thoughts:

a) Isn't Hardy breaking several of the international rules of wizardry by telling people on national TV that he went to Hogwarts? Don't they go to great effort in the book series to ensure that no non-Wizards ever hear about Hogwarts, like, by making it invisible to outsiders and making you go through a wall in a train station to even get there?

b) Man, football players at Hogwarts must be so much less popular than the Quidditch dudes. Also, I had no idea they played games against other schools -- I thought all the sports was intra-house.

c) We just wrote this entire post without bringing up the fact that he's wearing extremely silly sunglasses.