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Andre Drummond airballs a pair of free throws

Andre Drummond is the Michael Jordan of missing free throws.

How bad is Andre Drummond at shooting free throws? That bad.

Whatever Rodney Stuckey said to Drummond after the first airball did not work, unless Stuckey told him to airball the second so he'd be a Monday internet star, in which case it worked beautifully.

Drummond went 0-3 from the line with two airballs and one brick. The Pistons lost by one. Drummond is now shooting 35.2 percent from the line this season. He's 1-2 on three-pointers, which must have been buzzer-beating heaves, which means that, yes, the odds that he'll hit a buzzer-beating heave are better than the odds he'll hit a free throw.

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