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'Most dangerous selfie ever.'

After taking some selfies atop the Green Monster, a Rays reporter discovered just how unbelievably close she had come to getting drilled in the head by a home run.

@knashsports' Instagram

Kelly Nash, a Rays reporter for Sun Sports, was in Fenway Park on Saturday doing work in advance of a story. With time to kill, she headed-up to the Green Monster seats to take some pictures -- including the one you see above.

"Producer Art Dryce had called out 'heads up!' a few times while I was taking pictures around the left field section, but none of those balls actually fell close to me, so I took my chances turning my back on batting practice for a picture. [...]

"I laughed pretty hard when I saw such a surreal picture that I had no idea I took. I thought, you have got to be kidding me, maybe there ARE really angels in the outfield. I actually brought the movie with me on the trip and had it in my bag at the game."

h/t Awful Announcing