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Papa John had fun at the National Championship

Papa John was at the Louisville-Michigan game and hooo boy was he enjoying it.

So this photo is making the rounds, and it's amazing:


via Bro Bible

That's John Scnatter, founder of Papa Johns. And boy does he look hammered. He's the focal point in this image, but I want to point out a few things going on around him. First, this man:


He's passing by, sure, but has that "Man, the pizza guy is craaaaazy drunk" look. This man is all of us upon seeing the photo.

And then:


These man were further away, but were caught creeping. They, like the first man, look dumbfounded by the situation. It's like the man in the back trying to process the millionaire being held up by two friends situation going on in front of him.

The lesson here is that Papa John is way more fun than any of us realized. I hope he shows up in New Orleans at the women's national championship. Because Papa John in New Orleans at another Louisville event has the chance to surpass this particular moment in time.