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College football hit of the offseason: Bowling Green SID obliterated by defensive end

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Please pay more attention to Bowling Green football. You might just save a man's life.


Bowling Green sports information director Dave Meyer is still alive after encountering 6'3, 276-pound senior defensive end Ted Ouellet, who posted six tackles for loss against non-willing competition last year. This is despite Meyer being 6'1, 190 pounds. A quick word with the world's bravest SID:

What's the highest level you played team sports at (and what kind of sports do you play now)?

I have next to zero athletic ability. The only organized sport I have played in my life was golf and even then, I didn't earn a varsity letter until my junior year of high school. I still enjoy playing golf with my dad on Sunday mornings, but besides that I don't play many sports (unless playing hide-and-seek with my kids counts).

How many days did it take for pain from this Thursday incident to subside?

I am still recovering now. Within seconds of the hit I thought I broke my right arm. When Ted hit me I braced myself, and my arm got stuck between his facemask and my chest. It is still bruised now. I also had a stiff neck for two days, and my sternum has a slight bruise on it. It is amazing how many injuries can happen in a few seconds, but when you are in my physical shape with zero muscle definition the injuries make more sense.

How hard was it to convince Ted you wanted him to hit you at full strength?

I went to Ted asking him if he would be interested in doing it, and he started to laugh before I finished my sentence. It took zero effort for me to convince him to do it and I actually had to beg him to take it a bit easier on me. When we first started to shoot the video he wanted to get a running start from 10 yards away. After a few minutes I was able to convince him that a running start from five yards away would be just fine.

The Falcons are poised to have one of the country's relative best defenses in the country this season, whether their opponents protect their quarterbacks as well as this rubber mat did or not.

But the important thing:

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