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Terrell Owens wants to be a professional bowler

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Because of course he does.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bowling is fun, and a lot of athletes get super competitive at it. (Just ask Chris Paul, who hosts a whole weekend around it every year and owns part of a PBA team). So it comes as no surprise to hear former NFL player Terrell Owens, who was never one to turn down competition in the first place (and also owns part of that same PBA team with Chris Paul) wants to try and become a professional bowler.

As someone who has bowled before which automatically makes me an expert, it's one thing to say "well, I've bowled a 288," but it's another entirely to roll that on a regular basis. I'm not saying T.O. can't make the PBA, and that'd be a pretty amazing feat in itself, but he's going to need to do better than:

He said his high game was 288, though he once rolled 16 consecutive strikes over two games.

"So I have somewhat of a 300 game," he said with a laugh.

Now, if Owens did make it, the celebrations would be awesome.