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Kobe Bryant is 'The Last Dinosaur'

In an interview with ESPN Los Angeles, we got a glimpse into a possible new Mamba franchise.

Jeff Gross

With the recently announced retirements of Jason Kidd and Grant Hill, and other contemporaries dropping out of the league like characters in a George R.R. Martin novel, it's only natural Kobe Bryant would be introspective. But did he also stumble on a new Dreamworks animated franchise?

"That makes me the last dinosaur, doesn't it," Bryant said in an interview with Monday.

He then added, so he has some company: "I got to make sure Derek (Fisher) keeps playing."

I'm well aware there was a 1988 Denver The Last Dinosaur cartoon, but I bet the name could be had for a small price. Plus, it's Kobe; he can get what he wants.