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Alabama's locker room waterfall: There sure is a photo of it now

Please announce yourself, mystery photographer of the Tide's nautical secrets.

There is absolutely nothing funny to say about Alabama's locker room waterfall*. But there is a photo of Alabama's locker room waterfall, which is big stuff.

No one knows who took the photo, as far as we can tell. It showed up embedded in one tweet, then reappeared in other tweets, as if handed down from on high, then was uploaded to blogs and such.

Chris says he found it at 247 Sports' Alabama site. I took a peek and didn't see anything there. Alright.

Do you know who took this photo? I realize it's a photo of a goddamn water feature and not incriminating evidence of a coach paying a player or evidence of a failed concussion test or an explanation as to why Mark Emmert makes so much money, but we'd still prefer to credit the person who pressed the button on the camera that caused the image to be captured.

Thank you.

* Also, Oregon has a cooler one already.