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DeSean Jackson releases first rap single

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson sometimes gets a bad rap as a player. But he was putting in some overtime this year, moonlighting as rapper. His first single dropped this month. It's called "Diamonds on My Neck," and it features Snoop Dogg and Yung Chris.

Wait, does this mean that Snoop is back to being Dogg, because I thought he changed it to Lion?

Jackson released the song through his company, Jaccpot Productions.

I can't wait until we start getting some concern trolling from old-school columnists and Skip Bayless about Jackson's music being a distraction. Even if this song flies under the radar for now, just wait until the Eagles struggle or Jackson has a bad game. In fact, someone needs to go ahead and send this link to Florio so we can get started.

Pitchfork rejected all my music reviews, so I'll leave it you to assess Jackson's effort here.