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College football Jeopardy! goes horribly, horribly wrong

Sports are hard sometimes.

It's hard to blame the academic, so-called "book learned" types that typically compete (and often do extremely well) on TV's "Jeopardy!" when questions more of the pop culture nature, or say, sports variety don't exactly go their way.

After getting a pair of low-hanging fruits knocked out of a "College" category Monday with the utmost of ease (the answers/questions were "George Gipp & Joe Theismann" "What is Notre Dame?" and "Lynn Swann & Marcus Allen" "What is Southern California?"), the limitations of their overarching college football acumen were exposed in the worst of ways.

Ordinarily we'd be hard-pressed to hold such shortcomings of knowledge against them but OH C'MON NONE OF THOSE WERE EVEN REMOTELY HARD. IS THIS ***AMERICA*** OR COMMUNIST SWEDEN?!