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Rays get Juan Uribe on hidden ball trick

Joe Maddon's team pulled off the majors' first successful hidden ball trick in six years on Saturday afternoon, duping the Dodgers' Juan Uribe in the process.

The Rays were trailing the Dodgers by five runs on Saturday afternoon. That didn't mean that their heads weren't still in the game, though, because they got LA's Juan Uribe with a hidden ball trick in the fourth inning at Dodger Stadium.

The Dodgers took a 5-0 lead on a bases-loaded sacrifice fly by A.J. Ellis, advancing Skip Schumaker to second base and Uribe to third with just one out in the inning.

The Rays' throw into the infield was cut off by James Loney, eventually making its way to third baseman Evan Longoria. Uribe stepped off the base because he apparently thought time was called, but he was instead tagged and called out by umpire Angel Hernandez.

Instead of a sacrifice fly, the play was officially scored as a double play of the not-so-routine 8-3-6-5 variety.

As Zachary Levine of Baseball Prospectus discovered earlier in 2013, there hadn't been a successful hidden ball trick in Major League Baseball since 2007.

Here's a video of the play, start to finish.

UPDATE: His teammates gave him a little something to remember the occasion by.