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Vanderbilt coach James Franklin will call your boss to get you out of work

... if it means freeing you up to attend a Vanderbilt game, of course.

Joe Robbins

The Vanderbilt Commodores are part of college football's opening Thursday night, hosting Ole Miss on national television. Vandy can't show the world a stadium dotted with empty seats, so head coach James Franklin has spent part of his offseason pushing ticket packages and encouraging fan attendance. It's life at an upstart.

Now, two weeks out, Franklin's working on a case-by-case basis:

Let's keep an eye on where this one goes. I want video. Also, this won't be easy:

Also, knowing what we know about Franklin's overwhelming intensity, we should hope JD's boss is good at Muay Thai. Just in case. No, no just in case. JD's boss: there's no way around this, because you're definitely going to have to beat up James Franklin if you don't want JD taking off work.

Via Saturday Down SouthHT @teamspeedkills

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