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Alex Rodriguez is getting cut from an animated movie

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Not a good role model for kids, apparently.

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Thanks to ongoing steroid controversy, Alex Rodriguez, pictured above, will no longer portray an animated version of himself in the film Henry and Me about a boy battling cancer. From the Post:

"We have investors that we have to answer to, just like the Yankees," said executive producer Ray Negron, a longtime Yankees adviser, whose children's books served as the inspiration for the film. "If ownership decides that this is a direction that we have to go, meaning our investors, we have to listen to ownership. That's just the way it is. It works just like a team. It's the same thing."

A-Rod's character will be replaced by Hideki Matsui, who originally had the part. No word yet on whether Matsui will also be made to look like a hybrid of Mark Teixeira and The Rock.