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Master talking points with the New York Jets

The Jets have some helpful handouts for when players and coaches have to talk to the media.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Even without Tim Tebow in tow this year, no six-win team draws as much attention as Gang Green. In order to help players deal with those tricky reporters, the media staff made some helpful cards with an easy list of "bridges" they can use to stay on message.

In case you've never had the privilege of sitting in through media training before, here's a little sample of how these bridges work.

Reporter: "Mark, do you have any interesting new ways of turning the ball over on tap for this season?"

Sanchez: "Let me answer you by saying that we've spent a lot of time working on the fundamentals in camp this year. Let me just add that we've got some guys here who are ready to step up and contribute to the offense. Another thing to remember is that, um, uh [looks at helpful media 'bridges' card] ...  That reminds me, Geno is up next to take your questions."