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UEFA warns soccer club to stop sacrificing animals

Hey, guys, cool it with the animal sacrifices, warns Uefa.

Shakhter Karagandy, a football club in Kazakhstan, has been warned by UEFA that it faces "disciplinary proceedings" if it continues with its pre-game ritual -- killing a sheep.

The Kazakh champions caused a stir when they slaughtered a sheep at the Astana Arena the day before last Tuesday night's 2-0 Champions League play-off first-leg win over Celtic, leading animal rights group Peta to express its outrage in a strongly worded letter to Uefa president Michel Platini, urging the organisation to punish Shakhter.

UEFA competitions director Giorgio Marchetti was forced to a write a letter to Shakhter's executive director, Yerden Khalilin, which in part read: "I would like to make you aware that animal slaughter on a football pitch or in a stadium before, during or after a Uefa competition match - or with reference to a Uefa competition - is totally improper, and will not be tolerated."

There's a sentence you probably didn't expect to read today.