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Jameis Winston excited about facing Nevada defender's glorious blond mullet

Florida State's freshman quarterback keeps an eye on the hairstyles sported by his opponents.

Nevada's Brock Hekking
Nevada's Brock Hekking
University of Nevada

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is the best. He cuts pro wrestling promos for no great reason, can dance like MC Hammer despite being born four years after "U Can't Touch This" came out, and is a noted fan of cheese balls. He's also good at every sport or job or activity, including football and baseball.

Also the best is Nevada defensive end Brock Hekking, whom Winston is personally looking forward to meeting. Winston's Seminoles play Hekking's Wolf Pack on Saturday, and should they collide, the impact will reverberate with warm smiles all around the world.

Are these the two most pro wrestling players in college football right now?