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Richard Sherman slaps Jim Harbaugh's butt

Good game, coach! *WHAP*

During Sunday's rain-delayed rout of the 49ers by the Seahawks, Cris Collinsworth spoke at length about Richard Sherman's open disdain for San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh.

According to Collinsworh, Sherman hated Harbaugh for allegedly badmouthing him to other coaches and front-office types, thus tanking his value and making him be drafted lower than expected. Of course, Collinsworth also spoke at length about violent gangs, so take that with a grain of salt.

However, following Seattle's big home win, Sherman raced across the field to tell the departing Harbaugh that he coached a good game. The GIF of that moment was presented to us by Buzzfeed Sports:


(via Buzzfeed Sports)

You know what? I'm starting to think Collinsworth was right. The best part, clearly, is Harbaugh's little look back and acknowledgement. Harbaugh, who is noted for his propensity to become enraged and flip the heck out during games (and who grew so frustrated during his team's awful performance on Sunday night that for several hours he transcended the mortal rage threshold), somehow did not have his head turn into a mushroom cloud after Sherman's love-tap.

Maybe this is growing up, Jim.